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My selection» block is especially cool! Here you can find personalized items for you and your recepients. Do you know a florist, a flower shop, a gift shop? Flowwow is not simply internet shop for flowers in Moscow.

We offer compilation of flowers with delivery from top flower galleries of your city. Bouquet delivery In this paragraph we will shortly answer most asked questions about the details of bouquet delivery. Where is better to order bouquets with delivery in Moscow? You can buy flowers with delivery on our website picking necessary city.

Flowwow functionates in 1200 towns, where we cooperate with the best flower galleries. You will receive a bouquet from one of them. Is the delivery in region possible? Yes, the delivery in this region is possible. The price of this service is established by the flower shop-partner. Who and in what time performs the delivery of flowers in Moscow?

Order will be delivered by the courier of the flower shop, that created the bouquet. Time of the delivery depends on the flower shop and city and can last from 55 minutes to 4 hours. Average time of the delivery will be counted when proceeding your order. You can pay for the bouquet by Paypal, . To proceed the order you have to choose the bouquet and click the button Buy.

Then please enter the information about the sender and recipient and choose necessary method of payment. After the payment confirmation the courier will deliver flowers in necessary time to the address. How do I get to know about the delivery? As soon as the order is confirmed and delivered, we will send you an SMS to the number, you typed in the order and an e-mail. What are the methods of the delivery? Delivery is performed by the courier of flower gallery, that will make the bouquet. Proceeding the order In this section are answers to frequently asked questions about proceeding the order and payment.

At what time is the delivery of order possible? The delivery is done anytime within timetable of the shop. Is it possible to perform a delivery on the day the order was made? However please keep in mind the working hours and time for delivery of the flower gallery, where you are making the order. If the order is made an hour before the shop closes, flowers will be brought the next day.

Is it possible to deliver the bouquet on specified time? Yesm it is possible to enter the time of delivery by proceeding the order, but please count with working hours of the flower gallery — the bouquet will not be delivered in non-operating time. If I order several bouquets to one address, how much will the delivery cost? Almost always the delivery of several bouquets in the city limits is free, but please check out such details with the flower gallery, where you are ordering flowers.

What guarantee do I have, that the flowers will be fresh? The bouquets are made only before delivery — this warranties the freshness of flowers. If you want to make sure the quality of the shop, read the real reviews of other clients. Can I send the bouquet anonymously?